Military Chaplain
Author of historical & Nonfiction books

Charles Causey, 2000's, Middle East

C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves (live voice recording)

David G. Benner, The Gift of Being Yourself

Duncan Hamilton, For the Glory: Eric Liddell

Part of the profession of chaplains is to provide military funeral honors for veterans at places such as Arlington Cemetery

Calvin Causey, 1950's, Korean Peninsula

3 books I like to give away

My ancestors come from Hangingdog NC, a quaint community tucked deep inside the Smoky Mountains. As a boy I ran through lush, green fields alongside my grandfather’s Black Angus cows and swam in the cool, mountain creeks - always with a wary eye out for water moccasins. The tales I heard down those wooded and rutted country roads formed in me a love for people, the outdoors, and good stories, usually told by World War II veterans while rocking on their porches. It was at the University of Colorado in Boulder where I discovered a life-transforming personal relationship with Jesus Christ. From Boulder, I was commissioned as a second lieutenant and served in the Army and various Christian ministries for a decade, then went on to earn an MDIV from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Illinois. Blessed with ferociously faithful mentors, family members and friends, I now have the privilege to serve veterans every day as a military chaplain stationed in Washington DC. Married 25 years to Lauri, we have four children-three currently in college! I write for NAV Press/Tyndale House and recently published a book (Words & Deeds) that describes four kinds of men when it comes to character.         
(the photo below is of my Army chaplain father, now 88).

Charles  causey