Artwork by William S. Phillips.

In Danger Every Hour

A Civil War novel giving a glimpse into the southern decision to secede and the extraordinary efforts made by Abe Lincoln, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. It begins with children playing near the Shenandoah River...

Unbreakable: A fable for married men

For men trying to keep things real in their marriage, this short fable begins with three golf partners...

Charles Causey is a Kansas native who attended the University of Colorado, Boulder before commissioning into the military as a second lieutenant. Since college he has served in the Army for 27 years, earned three graduate degrees, and worked in Christian ministry as a pastor and campus minister. Charles and his wife Lauri have four children and reside in northern Virginia where he works as an Army chaplain.

The Lion and the Lamb is a true Holocaust story of the suffering innocent, and the morally extinguished leaders of the Third Reich. A haunting tale of horror and courage, readers will experience the fear and anguish of Nazi victims and of their tormentors as World War II comes to a close. Through his work for the Nazi party, Albert Speer becomes as close to Hitler as any man ever came. He serves the Führer faithfully until he is surreptitiously ordered to destroy thousands of his fellow Germans with Hitler’s scorched earth policy. Then, an epic standoff occurs in which Speer has been dreading. Meanwhile, Corrie ten Boom decides to risk her own safety and serve her fellow man, for which she suffers greatly. Despite her final transport to one of Germany’s infamous extermination camps, Corrie and her sister Betsie become agents of light even in the midst of their horrible and wicked surroundings. Murder and torture is everywhere yet they continue to encourage fellow prisoners, and hope for a miraculous release.

Unbreakable: forging a marriage of contentment and delight

Designed for married couples, this interactive marriage workbook can also be used by small groups or in a conference setting (co-author Tony Miltenberger). Published by Abingdon Press.

words & deeds

This short common sense theology book for men will launch May 2018. Published by NAVPress/Tyndale House.

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