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The lion and the lamb

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Stunning new historical account bursting with betrayals, courage and suffering, The Lion and the Lamb chronicles Hitler's closest male advisor and a brave Hollander woman whose daring faith compels her to hide Jews in a secret room. With years of research into the diaries of the protagonists, Charles Causey's new moral thriller descends readers deep into a pit of Nazi darkness exposing chilling secrets of the Third Reich during the final weeks of the war. Though the book reads like fiction it stands alone in a genre between biography and historical fiction. The reader will experience the feelings of being there: the fear in hiding Jews while Nazis marched in the street just outside the front door, the relationship intensity necessary for power struggles with unstable men like Goering, Goebbels and Adolf Hitler, an inside look at the gassing operations... This book was written in partnership with the Ten Boom Museum in Holland.